After the cocktail party Elvira Barney, Michael Scott Stephen and Arthur Jeffress went to the Cafe De Paris. They were there by 10 pm and paid their bill at 11.15. The police took statements from Isabel Green of 4 Elms Road, Clapham Common, a cloak room attendant: Giulio Pelotto of No 5 Flat, 116, Great Tichfield Street, the head waiter: and John Clasper of No 7, Blanchard Street, Dalston,a wine butler. Note the social gulf between these addresses (Dalston,Clapham and Paddington) and the Mayfair and Chelsea residences that litter this tale.

Thanks to these statements we know that Elvira dined on sweetbreads and Welsh rarebit and Jeffress and Stephen had quail. The statement says “quail and ice” which I presume means quail followed by an iced dessert.Elvira had a Fernet Branca, suggesting that she was feeling the effects of earlier indulgences and then all three drank champagne. One of the male diners also had a double whisky. Andrew Rose in his biography of Spilsbury, the trial pathologist, says that as usual Elvira paid the bill. In fact the bill, for £2 -18-6, was paid by one of the men who cashed a £5 cheque to cover it. He also bought a packet of Khedive cigarettes.The waiter remembered that the man who paid had the remnants of a bruise under one eye which would point to Stephen, who was still bearing the marks of a fight with Elvira on the 19th May. The present day price equivalent of the bill is somewhere around £125.

Nobody recalled anything untoward about Elvira or Michael’s behaviour although the cloakroom attendant did mention an earlier incident some months previously when Elvira hid in the cloakroom to avoid a fair-haired man – probably her previous lover, an actor called Mervyn Pearce.