Denys Skeffington-Smyth did attend the cocktail party on the 30th but appears to have known Elvira and Michael Scott Stephen only vaguely, as attendees at various parties over the previous five months. An early arrival – he notes the presence of Hugh Wade, Ruth Baldwin, Irene MacBrayne and, most interestingly, Eddie Gathorne Hardy. His brother,according to Denys, was not there.

At the time of the interview he was living at 17 Southwick Street and appearing in “Casanova” at the London Coliseum.

He does not feature in the programme but was probably part of the vast chorus. 1932 was a season of mammoth productions, Coward’s “Cavalcade” being the biggest and best known.

A few years later, now referring to himself as an author (although I can find no evidence of published work) he moved to America. He, like his brother Noel and his father, changed his name to Fitzpatrick. Whether this was due to the scandal of Terence’s death or not, I can’t tell.Noel Fitzpatrick was a leading member of the Irish Fascists who fought for Franco in the Spanish Civil War.