I don’t think I’ve posted this link before. It appears to be identical to the London Times report as recorded in  Giles Playfair’s Six Studies in Hypocrisy, which includes an excellent analysis of Brenda Dean Paul and Elvira’s court appearances.

Straits Times -“I’ll Teach You To Put Me in A Cell”

The accident in Piccadilly was a bit more serious than suggested – Elvira broke her jaw and lost a couple of teeth. Another matter worth noting is Lady Mullens wedding gift “”£2000 for pocket money” (roughly £100,000 today). This is a large sum but comes nowhere near the £20,000( a year?) allowance that her little sister is reputed to have received (and that was for her second marriage).

Other newspaper articles here https://elvirabarney.wordpress.com/2011/12/06/newspaper-reports/

ps  – When newspapers or police statements  used “vile” (or “foul”) it was a generally understood euphemism for a swear-word.