It’s probably nothing but there is a Mrs. Mullens listed in the London Phone Directory, appearing first in 1935 and disappearing in 1937.  The address is 18 Wellington Court.We know Elvira had at least one post-1932 address in Belgravia and Wellington Court is just a quarter of a mile from William Mews (and half a mile from her parents in Belgrave Square). No forename or initial is given and if Elvira did change her name then “Mrs. Mullens” is hardly an impenetrable  alias.

Flats at Wellington Court

Wellington Court was, as far as I can tell, home to a lot of  single and retired members of the establishment. It also housed a fair few Bridge clubs. If Elvira did live here, she was hardly down-at-heel.

In Dance With A Stranger,.the 1985 film made about Ruth Ellis, Wellington Court was used to shoot the exterior of Ruth’s drinking club. “The Little Club” was actually on Brompton Road, a few doors up from where Michael Scott Stephen had lived.