Apropos of nothing in particular, but this caught my eye.

(From the London Daily Mirror, November 17, 1936)


If you get tired of being in the chorus, turn up one morning with mauve hair.

Miss Towyna Thomas, who is twenty-three and comes from Carmarthenshire, did this, and now she has a part in the new revue “To and Fro,” which opens at the Comedy Theatre, London, on November 26.

Towyna’s hair is naturally platinum blonde. “I was so tired of being platinum blonde and seeing almost every girl with the same coloured hair,” she told me, “that I decided to have my hair mauve. No one seems to have thought of that. I call it ‘orchid blonde.'”

“I can’t say I like it much in daylight, but my work is the most important thing to me and it won me a part — and I hope it will help me realise my ambition to be a comedienne.”

Chorus Line, London 1936

Whether this is the same Towyna Thomas who was a Ziegfield Follies dancer, married Edward Dolly ( brother of Bright Young People favourites The Dolly Sisters) and later had bit parts in films like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, I don’t know. The profession is right and it’s an unusual name but the dates of birth don’t match.

PS I’m no expert, but is there such a thing as “natural platinum blonde” ?