What do you make of this outfit?  Is it hunting gear, a uniform of some sort, Gaucho chic, fancy dress or are there some other meanings to it? Is this Elvira giving expression to her much quoted fondness for sport? The contrast between the boots and trousers and the scarf strikes me as significant but my ability to read the language of clothes is non-existent.Is it a typical or an unusual form of dress? There probably is a very simple explanation but it is eluding me.

The date given is 1930 but the photographs are probably from late 1929. This means they were taken not long after John Barney disappeared back to the States and Elvira was fully embarking on the  party phase of her life.

The image is very different from the other two portraits from the same period. These are much more arty and Bohemian. The first affects a dreamy, Muse-like attitude while the painting has a glamour and a certain sense of danger about it.

I find them all rather intriguing and would welcome any thoughts on what can reasonably be read into what were, I’m sure, very deliberate self-representations.