(Thanks to Gill for reminding me of this.)

Elvira’s father outlived his errant daughter by less than a year. This is a list of funeral attendees. There is an obvious mistake in naming a son, Elvira’s brother died in World War One, but it offers a picture of absolute respectability compared to the circles Elvira moved in.


The funeral of Sir John Ashley Mullens took place at Long Cross, near Chertsey, on Saturday. Canon H. J. F. Tringham officiated. Among those present were: – Lady Mullens, Mr. J. Mullens (son). Colonel Rushton Adamson (brother-in-law). Sir Charles and Lady Lamb (brother-in-law and sister). Mr. Max Adamson (brother- in-law). Major G. Mullens, Mr. Charles Mullens. Mr. W. J. Mulens. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Leveson-Gower (son-in-law and daughter), Mr. and Mrs. W. Stent (brother-in-law and sister), Mr. J. H. R. Stent. Vice-Admiral and Mrs. Usborne. Miss Carlisle, Mr. Henry M. Carlisle, Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Hart, Colonel Manchall. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Baker, Mr. C. Stocken (representing the Committee of the Stock Exchange Benevolent Fund), Mrs. Allen and Miss Allen Mr. and Mrs. Quilter. Mr. D. Berdoe-Wilkinson. Mr. C. S. Woodrow, Mr. and Mrs. S. W. G. Trinaham, Mr. E. S. Cripps (representing Messrs. Mullens and Co. and the managers, London Stock Exchange). Captain H. S. Harrison-Wallis., R.N.. Mr. and Mis. Richmond-Temple, Mrs. Charles Seymour, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baker. Lieutenant-Colonel H. T. Green. Lieutenant-Colonel Reginald Cooper, Mr. Arthur Watson.
Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins, Mr. Paget-Cooke. Captain Quare, Mrs. Morris-Hall. Mr. Henry Eastwoocd (representing Board of Managers of the London Orphan School and the Royal British Orphan School, Watford); Sir Herbert Lush-Wilson. K.C.. Mr. Gordon Anketell. Mr. H. S. Parfitt. Major J. L. Nickisson, Mr. E. N. Dalton (deputy chief cashier, Bank of England), Mr. Harry Preswich, Mr. John P. T. Boscowen (representing partners of Messrs. R. Levison and Co.). Brigadier-General and Mrs. H. Tusson, Colonel and Mrs. W. Symon, Mr. Malcolm Adamson, Mr. D G. Catterns (representing the Governor of the Bank of England), Mr.and Mrs W S. Marshall. Mrs.A. Tooney, Mrs J Shipton, and Mr J. Deacon.

Probate £216,843/5/9d to the public trustree.

1 Jan 1938 Christ Church, Long Cross, Chertsey, Surrey

Christ Church is no longer in use. Rather worryingly it is listed as “up for disposal” which doesn’t sound good.  I think too that the Mullens country house at Barrow Hills nearby is now a golf club.