Apologies for lack of posts. I had a very bad fall a few weeks ago and it has taken a while to return to full health. I am on holiday at the moment and will resume the blog next week.

This enforced break has given me a space to review what I want to do with Cocktails. I think I have posted all I can on the Trial itself. I will summarise my thoughts on the verdict shortly.

I have been reading up on the visual arts in the era and hope to post something on that. I will also continue to explore the music and night-club world of the time. I have a variety of other avenues to journey down so I think there is some mileage left in the project.

Thank you for the various letters of support and snippets of information that people have sent me over the last few months. The period fascinates me, but my own ignorance of so many aspects of it has been an unwelcome revelation. I am extremely grateful for the education I have received from so many kind and better-informed folk.