1870  John Ashley Mullens born

1895  Mullens marries Evelyne Maud Adamson (b 1874)

1896 Cyril John Ashley born (1897 in census)

1904   22nd Jan Elvira Enid Mullens born (1905 in some sources)

1909  Avril Joy Mullens born

1916 Cyril dies off coast of Flanders

1924 Elvira studies at Lady Benson’s Drama Academy. Briefly Engaged to Charles Graves

1924  Incident with a gun outside Charles Graves’  flat

1925  Avril marries Prince George Imeritinsky

1925/26 . As “Dolores Ashley”, Elvira appears in “The Blue Kitten” at the Gaiety Theatre

1927  Meets John Sterling Barney at party at her parents’ house

1928   Aug 2nd  Marries Barney

1929  Barney leaves, returning to America

1930  Portrait painted by Eliot Hodgkin. Arrested for driving offence in Croydon. Elvira now part of wilder set.

1931  January  Purchases lease of 21 William Mew. Henry Mervyn Pearce also resident for part of the year.

1931  June  Injured in car crash in Piccadilly

1931   Becomes involved with Michael Scott Stephen in Paris

1931 December Michael Scott Stephen living at 21 William Mews

1932 January to May   Growing frequency of parties and disturbances at 21 William Mews

1932 May 19th  Witness alleges Elvira fired a gun, from the upstairs window of 21, into the street at Michael, shouting “Laugh, baby, laugh for the last time.”

1932 May 30th Cocktail Party at 21 William Mews. Dinner at Cafe de Paris. Visit to Blue Angel

1932  May 31st  Michael Scott Stephen dies of bullet wound around 4.30 am

1932  May 31st  Questioned by police – allowed to stay with parents at 6 Belgrave Square

1932  June 3rd  Charged with murder

1932 June 6th   Remanded in custody at Holloway

1932  July 4th  Trial begins – defended by Sir Patrick Hastings

1932 July 6th Found not guilty of murder or manslaughter

1932  July 23rd  Found guilty of unlawful possession of a firearm – fined £50

1932 July 31st   Involved in car crash near Cannes. Countess Karolyi seriously injured. Elvira arrested.

1932   Aug 26th  Suicide of Gertrude Gamble

1933   Oct    Divorced from John Barney

1933-36  Elvira spends much of her time in France. Partially disowned by family – uses a different name

1936    Dec 25th  Elvira found dead in hotel in Paris – aged 31/32

1937   Sir John Mullens dies