Just a quick update on Leonie Fester ( see https://elvirabarney.wordpress.com/2011/10/07/leonie-fester/ )

“On the 19th October 1932 Mrs. Leonie Fester was cautioned by the MPS (on advice from the DPP) for unlawfully obtaining prescriptions, and in turn unauthorised supplies of morphine, from two doctors.”  (cited in Harm Reduction in Substance Use and High-Risk Behaviour edited by Richard Pates, Diane Rile)”

Whether this is the same incident as  this – “At Marlborough Street Police Court, on January 30, Marcella Leonie Fester (35), Goodge Street, Wi, was charged with being in possession of a ” dangerous ” drug without being authorised”.(Chemist and Druggist Mar 33). She was bound over for three years with a residential condition and had to pay £6 costs.”  – I don’t know, but it does not appear to be.

This, remember, is the woman described as Elvira’s “very closest friend”. The prison doctor’s confident assertion of no evidence of drug use looks even more doubtful than ever.

I can find no anecdotal and precious few references of any kind to Leonie.  Someone must know more about her.

Her 1932 addresses are worth noting. She moves from King’s Road to Goodge Street (i.e. Chelsea to Fitzrovia). This may mean nothing, but as I have mentioned before there is a Fitzrovian connection with some of Elvira’s acquaintances in the “post-party” years (notably Napper Dean Paul). Goodge Street retained a Bohemian image well into the 1960s ( viz Donovan’s “Sunny Goodge Street”) but all that is, sadly, long gone.


PS. Leonie Fester Inheritance London Gazette 1932